Thursday, July 7, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Random confession: I enjoy taking 50 million pics just to go back & delete more than half so that I have chosen the cream of the crop. #Fact

2.) Watched as our awesome neighbors set off big fireworks in the culdesac. Gots to admit, even at the ripe age of 30, loud noises absolutely terrify me.

3.) Dearest Twitter, I'm a very habitual creature thus not very pleased with change. That said, please don't automatically upgrade me. #PlzOhPlz

4.) The only people who ever hit on me are the people I wish wouldn't hit on me. #SGP

5.) America: Better than the best since 1776. #HappyFourthOfJuly

6.) Friends, family, booze, America and summer waves; yes these are the times we'll look back on when we're all old and gray. #SGP

7.) Finally home from a long fantastic weekend at the lake. Pro: Now we have fast Internet connection. Con: Back to the real world of laundry.

8.) At baby Jem-Jem's cardiology follow-up appointment & I swear I'm so hungry that her formula looks good right now. #ShouldHaveEatenBreakfast

9.) Baby JemJem's cardiologist performed an ultrasound on her heart & noted that the mass on her mitral valve has gotten smaller as she has grown bigger. Doc sees no concerns since she is developing so well and will follow up when she turns one. #GoodNews #ThankYouJesus

10.) RT @anjeanettec: Motorcyclist dies in accident while protesting helmet law. Alanis Morisette is promptly being notified.

11.) Enjoyed busy day & it seems my night will be even busier. Admittedly, all I want to do is curl up in bed w/ Hubs & watch #PrettyLittleLiars.

12.) Casey Anthony is not guilty. Unbelievably disgusting. #CantEvenWatch

13.) RT @anjeanettec: If these supermarket dessert names get any sexier, I'm gonna have to tell pudding to stop over-promising.

14.) RT @aldotcom: Argument over sandwich lands Cahaba Heights siblings in the slammer. #HeyItHappens

15.) Words cannot describe how ready I am for a weekend at the beach with my b!tches. No kids. No hubbies. And a wholatta "me time" along with some R & R. #Mommapalooza2011

16.) Feeling very overwhelmed with blessings and love lately. Looking back, I'm very thankful that things have panned out the way they did and that the hardest part is over. Sweet baby Jem-Jem is already growing so fast and we definitely wouldn't be where we're at without prayers and support. She is truly our sweet miracle. #ThankfulAndBlessed


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

In regards to no. 15 - I hope you all had an awesome time!!!