Thursday, July 28, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Was recently reminded why I don't get out much during the day during this dreadful heat wave of summer. It's hot as Hades, people! #HibernatingInsideWithAC

2.) Thankful for my neighbor giving us a heapful of their homegrown tomatoes because my kiddos are nutso over them. #LolaWouldBeProud

3.) "Well done is better than well said."- Benjamin Franklin

4.) RT @usweekly: Amy Winehouse joins rock legends like Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin and others in the #27club.

5.) Held my pee for nearly two hours because I didn't want to miss a single second of awesomeness. #KegelsForHarryPotter

6.) Second kid's birthday party: Booked. Third kid's Baptism: Booked. Holidays: Right around the corner. #LetTheMadnessBegin

7.) Hubs is oddly obsessed with cleaning our kids' ears. Such a strange yet good hygienical man. #DaddysQuirks

8.) Spent majority of the night sorting through both Abby & Lyla's baby clothes in preparation for Jem-Jem & upcoming new season. Didn't realize how much awesome stuff I still had. #HoorayForThreeGirls

9.) Meanwhile leaving grocery store & frantically running to my car, it begins to thunder & lightening something fierce. Church van pulls up...Teenagers scatter like roaches out of said church van & one screams, "Wait for me, God is mad & is going to wash me away!!" #GodBlessTheBibleBelt

10.) Never fails that I go to the grocery store for one thing & end up getting five...then forgetting the major one thing: Toilet paper. #Craptastic #NoPunIntended

11.) So I told myself that I wouldn't show any curiosity in #Pinterest or #GooglePlus...but I lied. One of them has sucked me in. #DamnYouWorldWideWeb

12.) Bless be the good-natured, for they bless everybody else. -Thomas Carlyle

13.) Worked on my fitness. #Zumba was my witness. Can I get an amen? And another sweat rag? #PerspirationIsAnInspiration

14.) You know you're a mother when you go to cook dinner & find a diaper in your pots & pans cabinet. Thankfully, it was unused. #JoysOfParenthood

15.) Recently notified that my parentals read my "Thursday Thoughts" on this wee lil diddy. Perhaps I will start washing my mouth out with soap now along with my content. #CatholicGuilt

16.) Took girls to their routine checkup today. Abby's weight (40 lbs at 5 y/o) puts her in the 50th percentile & height in 75th. Baby JemJem's weight (15 lbs 10 oz at 4 months) puts her in the 75th, height in 50th. #ReverseSisters #BothPerfectInEveryWay

17.) As soon as Dr. W walked through the door, Abby asked if she was going to get any shots. He checked her chart and replied back with a "No." She quickly smiled and then asked if she would still be able to get a sucker. #LoveMyKids

18.) Best membership in the state of Alabama: McWane Science Center. #CantGetEnough

19.) RT @UABathletics: C-USA announces record number of football games to be televised in 2011. #ReadyToTailgate #GoBlazers

20.) Finished watching Battlestar Galactica series with The Hubs (although admittedly, i fell asleep to half of it). Now we're on a new DVD series: Game of Thrones. #HeIsAReaderWhileIAmAWatcher