Thursday, July 21, 2011

welcome, baby taylor!

thursday night, we had plans to drop off dinner to the johnsey family and finally meet sweet baby taylor. the girls were so excited to meet their cousin and both jay and i couldn't wait to hold our newest nephew. baby taylor has a head full of dark hair like his daddy and is just absolutely precious. even though i feel like baby jemma is still little, you really do forget how "little" babies are when they are newborns.

we sat down and stayed awhile as abby and lyla played with douglas and we listened to momma gracie rehash the events that lead up to his delivery. although i had heard minor details from her on the day that he was born, it was much more funnier hearing some more specific ones. for example, gracie said that they were spending the day at the pool when all of a sudden her contractions went from 0-60 in seconds. she ran to the bathroom in pain as her mom told her, "you better not have this baby on the toilet" as they debated calling 911 or driving to the hospital themselves. needless to say, gracie arrived at the hospital at 5:00pm and had baby taylor at 5:03pm, two pushes later and without an epidural. i told her that she was my hero. seriously.

overall, we're so glad that both mommy and baby taylor are doing well. congrats, you guys!! we love you all! xoxo. here are some pics...