Friday, July 1, 2011

welcome to the world, sweet baby grant!

today, i drove down to UAB hospital where i met up with my twinkie and family to give her hugs, kisses, and well wishes before she went in for her c-section to have her second little boy, grant clayton thomas, that morning. we were all so very excited as we watched them get scrubbed up and ready for the procedure. here are some "before" pictures...the procedure didn't last long and before we knew it, the doctor had made his way to our waiting room to announce that baby grant had made his arrival and that both mommy and baby are doing great. we were relieved, thankful, and oh-so very excited. here are his stats: born at 9:02am with the weight of 9 lbs 9 oz (thank god for a repeat c-section, right!?) and 20 3/4 inches long.

we had to wait about an hour while karla maria stayed in recovery so i walked across to the north pavilion and ate lunch with mimi while lola and pawpaw watched baby jemma for me in the waiting room. i hadn't eaten lunch yet and was starving so it worked out great. once we were done eating, we were allowed to go back to karla's recovery room and see her and baby grant. as soon as i walked in, i couldn't help but fall madly in love with my newest nephew...he looked soooo sweet and much lighter than his older brother, carson. we have all agreed that grant looks more like his daddy. i got to hold him and admittedly, it immediately gave me baby fever...then i quickly remembered, wait a minute, i have my precious sweet sweet baby waiting for me outside these doors. i was overwhelmed with how blessed our whole family is. more cousins and more love to go around.

so baby jemma and i left the hospital shortly after lunch time where we went home and waited for jay and big sisters to arrive home. once they got home, we all got ready to make our way back down to the hospital to visit baby grant again. abby and lyla, as well as jay, were all very excited to see him. the girls got a chance to hold baby grant too. i'm so thankful that our kids are going to grow up being so close in age being that our family is very close. carson and lyla will be in the same class and now, jemma and grant. so sweet. here are some pics...furthermore, words cannot express how grateful i was when my karla maria brought us my first meal after having each baby. so of course we reciprocate the gesture and brought her sushi and a huge bottle of moscato wine per her request. she hasn't been able to have either one for over nine months so we knew what a luxury it would feel like for her. watching her excitement as she ate was hilarious.also, stacy and i gave karla maria a beautiful blue wreath to hang outside her door and then later in grant's nursery. not to toot my own horn, but i made it myself and was quite pleased at how pretty it turned out. karla maria absolutely loved it and knowing that made me happy. i just love my BFF twinkie forever and ever, amen. congrats to the thomas family. baby grant is beautiful and we love you guys so much! xoxo