Tuesday, August 30, 2011

b'day, & comedy club, & hypnotist, oh my!!

tuesday night, we enjoyed a moms night out in honor of heather's birthday. she received free tickets to the gary conrad show where he hypnotized people from the audience. the show started at 7:30pm, but we all met around 6:30pm to partake in dinner and drinks beforehand. lynda brought some cupcakes for everyone from gigi's in hoover. they were delicious. we had awesome seats on the floor which in all honesty made me a bit nervous because i was sitting front and center and was so worried that the hypnotist would call me out or pick on me. don't lie, i'm sure we all share that same fear.

so the show gets started and gary asks for volunteers from the crowd to fill up a whole row of chairs that were on the stage. once all the chairs were filled, he then proceeded to tell everyone to take off any earrings, necklaces, glasses, hats, etc that could potentially be a danger to anyone. then he announced, "if anyone has a heart condition, asthma, jealousy issues, rarely exercises, epilepsy, etc...please disqualify yourself from the stage now." we were all thinking, "what in the world is this man going to do to these people!?" rewind: did i mention that this was the first time ever for me to witness anything like this? like ever. true story.

some people were weeded out, some remained. the hypnotist got started with some breathing patterns, fast-talking, and a whollatta clicking noises into his microphone. next thing we know, he lays a hand on each person's head and they automatically fall on the person to the the right of them. he then tells them that when he counts down, they will grab the person beside them and believe that they are their pillow. then told them to shake their pillow and everything in between. it was bizarre. it was hysterical. it was baffling. and it was awesome.

rewind again: did i mention that the birthday girl was one of the volunteers up on stage? yeah, again it was hilariously awesome. here are some pics...see the guys with their shirts off? yeah, they were told that they were chippendale dancers. i think every mouth in the audience dropped. also, during one stint where they were told that bugs were all over them, a big girl got so freaked out that she pulled up her dress and showed her spanx and panties to the whole comedy club. needless to say, soon after her husband walked up there and took her off the stage only after gary conrad had to "unhypnotize" her.

okay. so my thoughts on this whole thing (considering i've never witnessed anything like this before) is i feel that obviously some of the characters were set up, maybe even paid, to put on a laughable show. that said, i do believe that some of the audience members were truly hypnotized. for example, the big girl was completely out of it. also, our friend the birthday girl (heather) was dazed out too and told us that she barely remembers anything. i know she wouldn't lie to us.

now that's some crazy shat if you ask me. but it definitely provided more laughs that i have ever laughed within the past couple of years. honestly. my cheeks hurt so bad and my head was about to blow. overall, i'm so glad heather got free tickets for this and shared it with all of us. it was a blast!!! happy birthday, heather! xoxo