Saturday, August 20, 2011

charity bowl

saturday morning while jay and his IT department were moving and setting up the servers into their new offices in vestavia, lola came over early in the morning to watch lyla and baby jem-jem while i took abby to her "charity bowl" at our local football youth park. the cause was to raise money, awareness, and support for breast cancer and when i say all things were pink...ALL.THINGS.WERE.PINK. the girls didn't wear their uniforms, but instead white tank tops with a sparkly pink "G" in the middle with pink shorts and matching pink ribbons in their hair. it was cute. here are some pics...abby and her squad cheered for the gardendale rockets who scrimmaged the nearby fultondale wildcats. we arrived at 8:30am and the game lasted nearly two hours. did i mention it was sweltering hot? god, i love my daughter. thank goodness she looked so ridiculously cute and really enjoys cheering because her enthusiasm was infectious. my favorite cheer (and it's much better being said in person, believe is soaked with attitude and sass) was, "oooo weee, it's hot out here. the rockets must be in the atmosphere." i immediately pictured a SNL skit with the spartans. i digress. here are some pics...overall, our team won and the girls cheered their hearts out. they even got to walk out on the field at half time as each girl was announced and performed their best toe touch, somersault, pompom shake, whatever. it was cute. i yelled for my kid louder than any other mom. don't doubt me. all in all, it made me happy to see abby having so much fun without one complaint of the heat. mommy? not so much. hehe. here they are at half time...