Friday, August 26, 2011


apparently the current trend for girls are feathers. as jewelry, in your hair, designs in clothing, etc.

that said, being the coolest tita ever, karmie decided to take the girls out to our local hair salon (all american curls) and let them pick out their own feather for their hair in honor of lyla's birthday. at first i was a wee bit apprehensive considering they both attend catholic school and having attended one for 13 years of my life, i know how strict the uniform code tends to be. then i saw them at the salon. they had a variety, one of which were super skinny, long, and subtle. i thought if i found the perfect placement within their little heads of hair, it'd hardly be noticeable. so that's exactly what we did. here are some pics...supposedly, these things last about 3 months and were about $17 each. the birthday girl picked out a very soft, skinny, light lavender feather. abby picked out a long, skinny, black and blue one that matches her uniform. tita karmie picked out two different kinds: a solid green one and a yellow and black one. both for UAB. go blazers! in all honesty, it's hard to hunt these accessories down as i sorted through their hair. i find that very reassuring considering it's nice enough for the girls to show to their friends, but yet hide from their authorities. oh lord. guess i should start praying for my sins.

lastly, it's all the girls talk about. they are so excited to have them. thank you, tita karmie! xoxo. here are some pics...