Saturday, August 13, 2011

"hi ho, hi ho, off to the lake we go..."

directly after abby's cheerleading camp, we headed straight up to the lake. we didn't want to waste any time so big bertha was already loaded up with all of our bags. today was a very special day in the fact that it was lyla's 3rd birthday. we woke her up in the morning by singing "happy birthday" and i'm not kidding when i say that every five minutes that followed, we were singing it all over again. the sweetest thing was watching her act like she was blowing out an imaginary candle as we all clapped afterwards. oh, and she wore her birthday glasses throughout the whole weekend as well. so stinkin' cute.once we arrived at the lakehouse, we unpacked groceries, turned on the water, got ready and headed down to the dock for some fun, playing in the lake. the mitchelles met us up there as well, and we all had a blast. jaydoug couldn't wait to show me his backflip that he's been bragging about since his man-cation the previous weekend. if he did it once, he did it a thousand times. and here he goes...later it was time for dinner, and the guys grilled out some tenderloin that was frozen from the weekend before. add to the menu a green bean casserole and some baked potatoes and we were all set. it was delicious. since it was lyla's birthday, we wanted to let her do something fun as a way of celebrating her special day so we bought some supplies for birthday brownies.

lyla, abby, and brooke all took turns as they helped stir in the ingredients and later, lyla added her own personal touch of sprinkles and marshmallows on top. auntie stacy wrote "happy b-day lyla" in hot pink icing although we joked that it looked like "happy (insert fart noise here)" considering the brownie cake was still hot and melted it fast. nonetheless, it was cute, lyla loved it, and it was delicious. we sang happy birthday one last time as lyla finally got to blow out a real #3 candle. overall, it was the perfect ending to a very special day. happy 3rd birthday, sweet lyla. we love you so incredibly much!! xoxo


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Girl!!