Friday, August 5, 2011

jay's "man-cation" weekend

this weekend, jay and some of the guys (tre, mitchelle, mark, and sean) headed up to the lake for what they called their "man-cation" weekend. i'm not sure of what it all entailed, but i do know that jay took some pics from his phone that are helping me tell a wee bit of a story. so i'll begin in a highlighted form...

* they grilled out huge steaks and enough food to feed a small army.
* they stayed out on the lower back deck shooting the breeze till 3:30am.
* they floated around in the lake all day and even bathed in it, thanks to a bottle of herbal essence.
* they went fishing and caught some good sized bass.
* all the guys performed back flips off the dock. jay was so proud of this by the way. i think he told me, "sweetie, can you believe this big boy did a back flip?" about 7 times the first night back home.
* they watched as a snake (a COPPERHEAD!!!) swam past them as jay ran back up to the house to grab a gun and shoot it. DEAD. which then sean decides to pick up and dangle around like it was a trophy. ick. men.
* they grilled out the mitchelle special of honey bbq ribs and witnessed mitchelle being defeated by polishing off his plate.
* they played cards all night, both nights.
* and the highlight of the whole weekend: getting mitchelle drunk enough that he agreed to drink from an auburn cup. war damn eagle.

i think that about wraps it up. they are guys after all, and this is clearly their definition of a good time. as much as jay has been slammed at work (and we're very thankful for that), i know he deserved it and am glad they all had a great relaxing time. here are some pics...