Saturday, August 20, 2011

lyla's 3rd birthday party!

saturday afternoon, we celebrated lyla's birthday party at the mcwane science center at 2:00pm. her theme was "the little mermaid" in which the cake was decorated, goody bags were made, decorations set, and maloney even made them all matching mermaid birthday shirts. everything was perfect and the birthday girl was very excited to start her festivities. here are some pics of our girls in their super cute ringer t's and the birthday cake...going along with the theme during the first half hour, their was a presenter who talked and showed all the kiddos different ocean animals. he displayed and held up some sea urchins, hermit crabs, and a big horseshoe crab to name a few. he also walked around and gave everyone a close up view as well as the opportunity to touch and feel each creature if their wee little heart desired to. the birthday girl wanted no part in the touching aspect, but she did gaze at them from afar with a "not so sure" look on her face. it was comical to say the least. here are some pics...after the presentation of ocean animals was over with, it was time to sing "happy birthday" to our sweet lil lyla and watch her blow out the number 3 candle on her birthday cake. she had help from big sister abby along with friends, nate and henry, and they all finally successfully blew it out on about the 5th puff. i looked at jay wondering if it was a trick candle and then laughed harder when realizing it wasn't one at all. everyone enjoyed their own piece of cake and then later goody bags were passed out before they were all let loose to play around within the science center. here are some this is why we absolutely love the mcwane...there is just so much to do and no matter how many times you've been there before, the activities are always enjoyable for the kids and even for the parents as well. overall, it was an excellent birthday party and the easiest one to put together considering all i had to worry about was the cake and goody bags since mcwane did everything else. perfecto. plus, watching our girls enjoy themselves at their favorite place with their friends is priceless. happy happy 3rd birthday, lyla bug! we love you! xoxo