Sunday, August 28, 2011

lyla's day with tita karmie

as tradition stands, tita karmie has always taken each one of our girls for a day to do whatever they want in honor of their birthday as a treat from her. this time it was lyla's turn and when asked where and what she wanted to do, the first words out of her mouth were "birthday cake" as she started singing and acting as if she was blowing out an imaginary candle. easy to please and the cutest thing ever.

so tita karmie comes over to pick her up on sunday morning. we get her ready and out the door they go. first, they ventured off to chuck-e-cheese where they played with the games, ate at the salad bar, and gave the overgrown rat a big ole hug from the birthday girl. from there, they headed over to the galleria for some shopping and a fun ride on the carousel. tita karmie said that lyla went nuts when she saw it. admittedly, we haven't been to that place in several months so hearing that didn't surprise me. after the galleria, they stopped at the store in which lyla finally got to pick out her very own "birthday cake" which was the one thing she truly wanted. when they arrived home, it was the first thing she did...sit at the kitchen table and told us to "open it." of course we sang...and she blew out her imaginary candle. here are some pics...once tita karmie and lyla shared birthday cake with everyone, it was time for us to start getting ready for another birthday party. both tita karmie and lyla were tired from an earlier fun filled day that they decided to take a nap together in lyla's bed as they watched a movie together. unfortunately, lyla enjoyed talking and rubbing tita karmie's face the whole time so no one really got a nap in. an hour or so passes, and tita karmie decides to take the birthday girl out for dinner. location: mexican. one place where it's a guarantee that our picky eaters will enjoy some rice and beans. after dinner, they headed over to the dollar tree where tita karmie let her pick out whatever her wee little heart desired. she said it was hilarious at first because lyla would pick out the strangest things like hand sanitizer and throw it in their basket. all in all, the birthday girl picked out some awesome new stuff and even shared with big sister once they came home. needless to say, lyla slept wonderfully that night and felt special all weekend. thank you, tita karmie. we know she had a blast with you. love you, the way, that last picture was staged for all of them to smile "the lyla smile" which consists of squinting her eyes and showing nothing but teeth. surprisingly, they all performed it perfectly except the rare occasion that lyla didn't. love it.