Tuesday, August 30, 2011

lyla's first day of 3K

today, lyla started her first day of preschool in mrs. west's class. she was so excited to be going to big girl school in what she called "abby's old class" (this is the exact same classroom that abby was in last year just with a different teacher). lyla woke up easily, got ready, grabbed her blue tote bag with the number 3 and her name on it along with her folder inside, and headed up the stairs to school. i have to admit, we are so proud with how well lyla has and is adjusting to the transition of two different schools being split up within the same week. she just jumps right in and loves both. i am absolutely relieved in knowing that. you make us so proud, lyla. here are some pics...after picking her up from early dismissal that day, i peeked my head in the side of the door and watched her quietly sitting there before whispering her name at her. once she saw me, she immediately jumped up and screamed, "momma!!!" and gave me the biggest best hug ever. ((SIGH)) this is why i have the best job in the world. motherhood is beyond awesome when little things like that make your heart melt instantly. on the car ride home, i asked her what she did that day. she replied back with, "drove a car on the playground, colored, and listened to my teacher." we're so happy you had a wonderful first day in 3K, lyla bug! xoxo