Tuesday, August 23, 2011

lyla's open house

this morning after lyla had her 3 year old doctor's appointment, we headed on over to meet jay at OLS in preparation of her open house from 10:00am to 11:00am. lyla will start 3K twice a week in the same classroom that abby was in last year so we all feel quite comfortable with it's surroundings. as soon as we walked in, we found her cubby with her name on it and placed her supplies inside. she was quite happy to find her picture beside her name and kept pointing out that, "that's me! that's me!" here are some pics...her teacher is mrs. west and was very nice. she helped show lyla where her tote bag is hanging on the hook in the hallway and let her open up and look at her very own new rest mat. i don't know what it is, but this little lady loves rest mats. so we walked around and showed lyla where the playroom was located, introduced her to some classmates, signed up for some events, got to know a few parents, etc. later, mrs. smitherman came into play who is mrs. west's teacher's aide...she helped direct lyla to the bathroom. we thought lyla was just going to walk in and walk out, but oh no, she made herself comfortable and began to do her business. she sat on that toilet for a good five minutes as we all waited on her...jay even asked her from across the hall if she needed a magazine. t'was hilarious.

overall, it was great to see lyla feel comfortable and excited to be in a new "big girl" classroom as opposed to the smaller MDO ones of last year. our baby is growing up and we are so proud. classes start next week and lyla can't wait! here are some pics...the middle one is of lyla with mrs. west...


kranthi said...

nice room and beautiful kids.