Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"meet the teacher"

tuesday morning, we headed over to abby's school in preparation of her "meet the teacher" meeting. she is entering kindergarten this year and i've never seen her more excited. once we arrived, abby found her name plate on top of her desk which was joined with some of her previous classmates/friends' desks that formed a little island. she was very happy to notice that brooke is sitting across from her at the same table along with isabelle and that zosia is sitting beside her. she immediately sat down and started looking through her new books and school supplies. again, she was so excited. she also got to meet and talk to her new teacher, mrs. philbin and her new teacher's assistant, ms. michelle. funny thing is, i use to play basketball in high school with ms. michelle and i love that girl. both of her teachers were incredibly nice and made abby feel very comfortable with wanting to start the upcoming school year. here are some pics...after filling out forms and signing up for this, that, and the other, abby wanted to go "exploring" around her new classroom. i gotta admit, this mommy really likes to explore a new environment myself so that's what we did. soon our curiosity lead to the hallways where abby showed me how she knew where everything was (ie, the bathrooms, the office, library, etc). it was the sweetest thing following her around as she jumped from one thing to another in pure excitement. later, we made our way into the other kindergarten class (mrs. westbrook's) where abby said hi to more friends and played on the boat. all in all, it was a great "meet the teacher" experience. i may be a dork, but i loved school. everything about it...and now, i can see it in my child's eyes too. it's all surreal. do i really have a child old enough for kindergarten!? appears to be...