Sunday, August 14, 2011

sunday funday

after spending the night at the lake, we woke the next morning and waited for karla, tre, carson, and baby grant to arrive. coincidentally, the thomas family and mamaw all showed up around the same time. it was perfect since mamaw likes to stay up at the lakehouse and watch the babies for us as we all play down in the water. abby enjoyed running and jumping off the dock with her friends and then later, we all cruised around while the munchkins fell asleep in our laps. oh, and let's not forget that our newly three year old is still donning her birthday glasses. here are some pics...we ended up playing all day at the lake until about 4:00pm where we left and headed back to birmingham. karla maria, stacy, and i had plans to meet up with our gal pals for a moms night out of dinner and a movie. we ate dinner around 6:00pm at frio en la paz in vestavia right beside the theater. our movie of choice was "the help." many of us had read the book and were quite excited about watching the movie. i laughed, i cried, i loved it. both dinner and the movie were awesome and it was nice to get away for a bit to enjoy them both. long live dates with me lady friends...