Thursday, August 4, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Apparently, my baby is not "bananas" over bananas. However, she does fancy herself some sweet potatoes. #Live&Learn #IntroducingFruits&Veggies

2.) Spent all day switching around & organizing all 3 girls closets today. Talk about copious amounts of dresses. #BringOnSchoolUniforms&MoreSpace

3.) RT @RelatableQuote: Twitter looks so boring on the outside; but once you start using it, its like facking Narnia.

4.) RT @iamthatgirl: Being a Yes to your life does not mean to be a Yes to everyone in your life. Be a Yes to You. This is your life to live, for you, by you.

5.) So my DVR failed to record both episodes of my #PrettyLittleLiars and #RHONYC Reunion...Oh, the humanity!!!! #ThisIsNotSatisfactory

6.) Even while playing with my chirren outside in their kiddie pool, I still manage to get water in my ear. #IDontEvenKnowHow #SummerDays

7.) Today I am thankful for aloe and carmex. Very thankful. #BeenKissedByTheSun

8.) RT @ophanim: MTV turns 30 on Monday. And that makes anyone who remembers MTV playing music videos really, REALLY old. #ilovethe80s

9.) And just like that...July was gone. #Poof #Whaaa?

10.) Trying to get ducks in a row before school starts, but I'll be damned if they don't stop getting out of line & quacking all over the place. #TooManyLists

11.) Applauds mothers of twins (especially my own). Had to watch two babies today. Finally got one down, the other wakes up. Rinse & repeat. #Exhausting

12.) RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Some people need to learn that if you're trying to be a smartarse you have to be smart, otherwise you're just an arse.

13.) Snuggling my cold feet into a warm comforter fresh out of the dryer is comparative to a day at the spa. Minus the oriental rain music. #Ahhh

14.) RT @capricecrane: Dear High School Reunions, You are now obsolete. Please contact facebook with any questions.

15.) My baby enjoys eating her hand for breakfast. Apparently it's deliciously nutritious. #WhoKnew

16.) Great News!!! The Nan does NOT have cancer (exhale here). She does however have other complications, but not as severe as what we expected. #ThankYouSweetBabyJesus

17.) RT @crankfetter: Groundhog emerges from burrow and bursts into flames. Crowd horrified: another 6 weeks of summer.

18.) Baby Jem-Jem had neuro appt this morning. Doc assessed, said looks great. Next visit in 4 weeks. Will do another CT scan & X-ray on skull to determine when temporary shunt will come out. #NoNewsIsGoodNews

19.) Enjoyed 3 kidless hours to myself today. Spent my time wisely & took a nap. Now I'm WIDE awake at 3:00am. Guess I'll address some of Lyla's birthday invites to keep me preoccupied. #OhJoy

20.) Proof that the universe wants me to be happy: Recently discovering #Kashi granola bars & #Nutella. At the same time. #ThePerfectCombination

21.) "What we love, we shall grow to resemble." -St. Bernard

22.) Food for thought: Why is it that the people who complain a lot are the same ones who seldom seek action? #GetUpAndDoSomethingAboutIt

23.) Reminiscing over high school in groups, "You know you went to 'xyz' if..." on Facebook has nearly sucked an hour away in 10 minutes. #FunFun

24.) Thank you sweet baby Jesus for the "edit settings" option on the FB. Holy Guacamole, my inbox has blown up. #MakeItStop

25.) RT @SororityProblem: Jersey Shore in the middle of Shark Week: it's like Christmas in the middle of August. #FistPump

26.) My oldest "baby" came home from her first cheerleading practice & performed the "Bang, bang, choo-choo train" cheer for her Daddy...he tells her "good job" & then begins to teach her the "Nuts & bolts, nuts & bolts...we got screwed" cheer. This is not shaping up how I intended it to... #Sigh


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Number 16 is AWESOME news! Praying all continues to go well.

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

OH...and I LOVE your new blog header photo - she is a doll baby!