Thursday, August 11, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) I wish there was a button I could push to turn my brain off. Oh wait- it's called Jersey Shore. #SGP

2.) Took all 3 girls to see the #Smurfs movie today while Hubs is on man-cation all weekend. Then we ate sushi with the twinkie and cousins Carson & baby Grant. Later ran some errands in this heat & am now begging for an early bedtime. #ExhaustedFun

3.) Missing that warm body that I like to rub my cold feet on when I first come to bed. Is Hubs home yet? #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

4.) Absolutely adores how my girls like to play/brush each other's hair. Reminds me so much of me & my sisters growing up. #HistoryRepeatsItself

5.) "Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are." ~Malcolm Forbes

6.) RT @UABathletics: Blazer football players reporting this afternoon. First practice, media day coming up tomorrow. Football season is here! #GoBlazers

7.) Just got my piggies a pedicure after days of looking like homeless schlubs. Best part: The massage chair was shaking me all over the place. #AbsolutelyLovedIt

8.) Dear tween boy driving supped up big tired truck w/ the name "My Hoe" branded across it, Nice trying to convince yourself that it's a's a douche canoe. #KeepItClassyFella

9.) Overheard trendy lady tell friend that one only wears feathered earrings if she has long hair. Inside, I rolled my eyes and laughed. Then grabbed me a pair. #TeeHeeHee

10.) Note to self: Never buy another outdoor toy because Alabama's big bad wolf is constantly blowing them away. First, trampoline. Now, pool. #StillUnableToLocate

11.) RT @NightSoldierPM: "The best thing in life is finding a man who knows all your flaws, mistakes, & weaknesses, & still thinks you're completely amazing."

12.) Nothing like a pregger scare to seal the deal on scheduling Hubs a date with a bag of frozen peas on his ductus deferens. #ResearchingNow

13.) First day of Kindergarten is here and I haven't cried yet. Key word: Yet. My baby is so excited which makes this a helluva lot easier. #Yay

14.) RT @iamthatgirl: The reason why most people fail instead of succeed is because they trade what they want most for what they want at the moment. #StayFocusedPeople

15.) You know carpool is painful & not moving when you're texting & moaning with @StacyMitchL about it who is only six cars ahead of you. #LetsGo

16.) Pick up 2nd kid at school to another parent meeting to cheerleading practice to a fun low key baby shower to babysitter... #MommyNeedsAClone

17.) These half-days at school this week are pointless. Plus, they conflict with my baby's nap. Which means mine too. #TruthExposed #MommyNeedsSleep

18.) T'was a week of milestones for daughters: Abby- started kindergarten. Lyla- turned three. Baby Jemma- rolled over for 1st time!! #Yippeeee