Thursday, August 18, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) This slight drop of temp feels fan-freakin-tastic!! Helllooo Fall, I can smell you right around the corner. #BringIt

2.) RT @capricecrane caprice crane: I believe what politicians say as much as I believe the person who says, "I never got that text."

3.) Meanwhile at our parent-teacher meeting, the topic of field trips were discussed. I believed I may have gotten a bit too excited and volunteered to help with being a Room Mom. Let the fun begin... #ThankfulToBeAStayAtHomeMom

4.) Helpful little Lyla likes to change baby Jem-Jem's diaper. She's only done it, oh say... 7umpth-teenth times. And they're not even dirty. #SerenityNow

5.) Our sweet little nephew Hudson was attacked in the face by a family dog last weekend which landed him an overnight stay in the hospital. It was the saddest and scariest sight I have ever seen. No one should experience that, especially a 3 y/o. Prayers went up and now he is doing just fine. #ThankfulItWasntWorse

6.) Life's Loves #359: Taking Abby to cheerleading practice when the night is cool & breezy. I get to set back & watch all while chatting with my BFF.

7.) My eyes are stinging in this early morning light. I believe I could sleep for a week at this point. Tired of the go, go, go. #SleepWhenDead

8.) Meanwhile at Zumba tonight, I chuckled as the only male in class wailed & moaned from the back corner. Dude, must you be so vocal? #HushIt

9.) RT @iamthatgirl: Getting people to like you is merely the other side of liking them. - Norman Vincent Peale

10.) "Our beloved cousin Merdyl passed away last night after his 2 year courageous battle with cancer. He was our oldest first cousin, Lacuesta side. May he RIP & his soul be rejoicing with God for eternity." - text received by cousin joy-joy on august 14th, 2011

11.) Life's Loves #360: The car ride home after picking up my kiddos from school. They share their day with me. Today we discussed PE, Spanish, lunch, who got in trouble (aka, "had their sunshine taken away"), & playing on I-Pads.

12.) There's a huge m'skeeter bite in the bend of my knee. It itches intensely and is painfully annoying. #MakeItGoAway

13.) Loves and appreciates how #SaveHomefield is a trending topic tonight. Shame on you, Fultondale officials. Boo.

14.) RT @capricecrane: The best feature of my cell phone is that I can use it to have fake conversations in order to avoid real conversations.

15.) Words cannot express how much I love workout nights with my mom, dad, and karmie...especially when we decide to bond over a chinese buffet afterwards. Because that's healthy, right? #TeeHeeHee

16.) "If she only owns Snow White on DVD, she's too young for you, bro." #JerseyShore

17.) I don't claim to be a genius by no means, but oh my allah...improper grammar, misspellings, and lack of punctuation marks make me cringe. #SchoolIsCool

18.) Thought I was in Hubs' car so I filled up with premium gas. Needless to say, 90 bucks later, Big Bertha has a full tank. #Arrrgh #Ouch

19.) Ahhh, nothing like a Caramel Frappuccino for a quick pick me up. #HelloStarbucks

20.) "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." #TheHelp

21.) Abby woke up this morning & requested a cup of water. She said that if she drinks a lot of water & milk, her hair will grow long like Rapunzel's. #SmartKid

22.) One thing is for certain: The two candy staples in Douglas birthday party goody bags are Ring Pops and Pop Rocks. #CantGoWrong