Sunday, September 4, 2011

adventures with auntie jess

although tropical storm lee ruined our labor day plans at the lake, there was no way he was going to destroy the fact that our girls were going to enjoy their weekend. also, many thanks to auntie jess who came to visit and took abby and lyla out as a birthday gift from her considering she was unable to make it to their birthday parties. in all honesty, i believe that our girls enjoy these little excursions the most. we are aware of how busy and how some times their (auntie jess and tita karmie's) jobs conflict and can't make it to everything. it's completely understandable and if anything, memories of one-on-one time are more precious to them. i can see why...

so auntie jess decided to take both abby and lyla out for the day. they first started at our local nail salon for both manicures and pedicures. they got to pick out their colors (abby picked blue while lyla picked purple) and even added flowers on some of their nails. auntie jess said that they were so quiet, but all smiles. this tells me that they were so excited that they didn't know what to do. a true treat so to speak. after wards, they headed to the claire's accessory store nearby where they got to pick out their own earrings and bracelets. auntie jess even dressed them up in glasses and uploaded the pic to facebook with the caption of, "a day with auntie jess makes you a nerd." ridiculously cute, no? also, gotta love the placement of the magazines in their laps while sitting in the oversized massage chair. awesome. here are some pics that auntie jess took on her phone...after enjoying the nail salon and a trip to claire's, they walked over to target where they picked out matching gray leopard print dresses. later, they ate lunch at mcdonald's where a happy meal was ordered. they got to eat inside (something we rarely do) and really enjoyed it. once they got home, both girls were so excited to tell and show me what they did and got from their adventure day with their auntie jess. they had a blast and mommy and daddy really enjoyed our quiet sushi date as well while they were gone. it was a win-win for everyone. thank you for letting them experience such a great time in honor of their birthdays auntie jess...these are what memories are made of. we love you! xoxo