Saturday, September 24, 2011

auburn football

friday afternoon, lola and pawpaw came over to our house to pick up lyla and take her to her first auburn game of the 2011 season. this year they decided to take the girls individually to a game since abby requested that she go to one "all by herself." well when lola and pawpaw walked through our back door to take lyla, of course abby turned on the water works and cried that she wanted to go too. being the super sweet and laid back grandparents that my mom and dad are, of course they told her that she could come as well. both girls were sooo excited and i'm not gonna lie, so were jay and i...this meant that it would just be us and baby jem-jem (who is the easy one at the moment because she doesn't talk back or run away from us, lol) for the whole weekend, yippee!!

so both abby and lyla spent the night at lola and pawpaw's house on friday night and then they drove to the plains that saturday morning. auburn played florida atlantic and kickoff was at 6:00pm. here are some pictures of their pre-game festivities...they walked around at the tailgate, got their faces painted, ate chick-fil-a for lunch, rode on top of pawpaw's shoulders during the tiger walk, and enjoyed their own snow cones outside on the stairs with lola. they were having an absolute blast throughout the entire day. here are some pics...later in the day, it was finally time to enter the stadium for the football game to start. i gotta admit, i was a bit worried about lyla considering it was a night game and i know how that sweet munchkin gets when she has missed a nap and it's been a long day. she's usually a hot whiney mess or highly cuddly and affectionate...or perhaps a combination of both. judging by the pictures that lola took, i can tell she got a little affectionate with her pawpaw as she nearly fell asleep in his lap, danced around, and then attempted to put him in a (what jay and i call it) "choke hug" (it's her sincerest form of love. it hurts, but it's actually really sweet. hehe).overall, lola and pawpaw reported that they were "wonderful." the thing i love about my parents is that even if our kids "had their moments," they still tell us that they were "just fine." i guess i'll take a "wonderful" with a smile and a deep appreciation for lola and pawpaw for taking our two big kids out for great memories over the weekend. oh, and did i mention the tigers came out with a win with the score of 30-14. war eagle and thank you, mom and dad. we love you guys sooo much. our girls had the time of their lives and these last pictures are proof...