Friday, September 16, 2011

birthdays and bunco

before i begin, ya'll must know that the following pics were taken on my old point and shoot camera since i let my older sister take my good camera to california with her over the weekend. i know, i know...seeing these poor quality pics make me sad too. oh well.

so friday night began with a birthday party at premier gymnastics in honor of one of abby and brooke's classmates named lucy. both boys and girls had a lot of fun tumbling around and then later, we all moved inside the party room to enjoy cake and ice cream. lucy opened her gifts and everyone had a great time. i only took two pics after deciding to stop after being reminded how god awful the old point and shoot was. hehe. here are those pics...once the birthday party ended, the hubbies took care of the kids at home while stacy and i headed over to stacey t's nearby house since it was the night for her to host bunco. we grabbed a bottle of wine and a dish to share and went merrily on our way. furthermore, we thought it would be fun to surprise christi with a cookie cake in honor of her birthday that day. we won't reveal how old she is, but the candles that were displayed said "21." ahhh, aren't we all in mind and spirit. we sang to her as we watched her blow out her candles. happy, happy birthday, christi!! xoxowe all talked the night away and discussed plans for who was hosting the next bunco, the kiddos' halloween party, the "big kids" (aka, adult) halloween party, and our next girls' trip. can you tell we like to plan fun festivities for everyone? that's why i love this group of women...always looking for a good time. all in all, it was a great laid back fun night. here are some pics from my crappy camera...i swear i'm not bitter...just a lil tart...