Saturday, September 17, 2011

gardendale vs. john carroll football

saturday morning, our rockets played a very special team that is near and dear to our alma mater: john carroll catholic. this is the first year that JCC has started an elementary football league so they only had 9 players on their team an no cheerleaders. they're a working progress, it's understandable. needless to say, our rockets went home with a win and the girls had fun cheering. here are some pics that jay took on his phone...after the game, one of our fellow cheerleading mommy friends decided to take some pics of our girls together on her nice camera. if you know me well, you know how much this just made my day. the girls, the set up, the pictures...all were so ridiculously cute. thank you, carrie!!lastly, the girls ran into one of their OLS classmates who played on the JCC 75lb team. his name is luke and he didn't seem to mind stopping to pose for a quick pic with his friends from school. love it. great game by both teams and clearly there's too much cuteness from both sides...