Monday, September 12, 2011

jem-jem's neurosurgery

monday morning, lola came over to our house around 4:45am so that she would be there when lyla woke up to help her get ready for school. then around 7:45am, auntie red came to pick her up and dropped her off at school with cousin hudson. abby spent the night with her BFF brooke and mitchelle dropped them off at school together. all of this was done while jay and i were at the hospital waiting for baby jem-jem to have her temporary shunt removed (thank you sooo much, you guys!! we love you all). baby jem-jem was scheduled to be the first case of the day. we arrived, checked her in, answered questions for the nurses, anesthesiologist, etc. and then i had to hand my baby off as they took her back. now that was hard. we were sooo nervously excited for her though. here are some pics of her before her brain they took baby jem-jem back and started working on her while we waited outside in the waiting room. we prayed everything would go well as i developed a severe case of restless leg syndrome during the wait. thankfully, the procedure alone only took about five minutes although the preparation time felt like forever. after about an hour or so of waiting, dr. oakes (her neurosurgeon) came out and reported that the surgery went well and that she is doing fine. he told us that she will remain in the recovery room for about an hour as they continue to monitor her. we were relieved that everything went well and words cannot express how bad i wanted to hold my baby.

an hour passes, and we are shown to our room on the 6th floor of children's hospital where we knew we'd be spending the night for at least 3-4 days. soon after, the nurses wheel up baby jem-jem. they said that when she woke up in the recovery room, she was all smiles. they let me scoop her up off of her gurney and it felt so incredibly good to be reunited with her. i love that sweet juicy baby sooo much. she soon fell back asleep as they continued to give her some pain meds. supposedly, she pulled out her IV and they pricked each hand and foot once along with another place for a total of 5 tries before calling it quits and deciding that she would be fine without one considering she can take her pain meds orally and that her antibiotic had already run it's course, yay! here's a picture of her asleep in my arms and then one of her later playing with her toys. if you look closely, you can see how woozy she is, but still all smiles. you're such a fighter and trooper, jem-jem. we adore that about you.lastly, tita karla came up to visit sweet baby jem-jem while jay was there watching her sleep. i went to pick up the girls from school, took them to both of their dance classes, and then dropped them off at lola and pawpaw's house where they both spent the night. once i arrived back at the hospital, jay and i ate dinner together, watched copious amounts of HGTV and the history channel, and then set up camp with what we had in our little room. funny thing is, jay let me have the pull out chair/bed while he attempted to sleep on two chairs. he looked absolutely pitiful falling asleep upright so we pulled one of his chairs at the end of mine and we both shared the pull out bed with our heads in opposite directions. it was pretty funny actually and definitely the worst sleep least baby jem-jem slept great and that's all that matters.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I am so happy that everything went okay - she is such a beautiful little girl - I love the picture of her playing with her toys after surgery!