Tuesday, September 13, 2011

post-surgery: day 2 in hospital

after enduring a sleepless night due to uncomfortable sleeping arrangements and the fact that sweet baby jem-jem kept kicking off her oxygen saturation lead off her tiny little toe which kept alarming the beeper so either jay or i had to constantly jump up and reattach it since the tape was seriously not doing it's job (whew, talk about one huge run-on sentence. sorry), we woke up around 7:00am and talked with dr. oakes' attendee who assessed jem-jem and noted that she looked good.(quickly rewind if you will) throughout the night, we noticed that the bandage on her head was soaked with blood and what looked like clear fluid...we were worried this was CSF and told them our concerns. after a veteran nurse and the doc looked at it, it was confirmed that her stitches were still intact and that there was no leakage of spinal fluid, yay! so back to sleep jem-jem went and we decided to as well. (disclaimer: our room had no window at all so we had no idea what time of day it was...if the sun was up, if it were raining, nothing, nada, zilch. it was oddly nice.) around 9:00am, dr. oakes and his crew crept through the door. they ask us questions on how she slept, if she was acting normal, etc, etc. they were pleased with our answers and pleased with her neuro assessments. if that didn't jump start our late morning by putting us into relieved good moods, i don't know what would have. so dr. oakes tells us that now we are allowed to take her out of the room, put her in a wagon, and venture out around the hospital, maybe even meet some neighbors...so that's exactly what we did. i absolutely love a good adventure and children's hospital is the perfect place for that. they have so much to offer the kids and the parents too.so we freshen up, load her up, get breakfast, and go exploring. we noticed on the calendar that "jumpy" the kangaroo from i-jump was located on the 5th floor if anyone wanted to meet him for pictures, prizes, and/or a dance party. the timing was perfect...we were all over it. can you see the excitement in sweet baby jem-jem's face? yeah, me neither. lol...after visiting with "jumpy" the kangaroo and snapping a quick picture, we decided to make our way to the children's harbor family center to check out the facility. not to mention, they were having a free spa works relaxation for the mom and dad's staying in the hospital from 1:00-4:00pm. after the long sleepless night before, my body was aching for a bit of pampering and knowing that it was FREE!?...who am i to say no to a good thing? the spa experience included a heated neck wrap, nourishing eye pads, instant manicure, mini back massage, extreme repair hand and foot therapy, and a head massage. it was just what i needed to break away for a bit for a refreshing change in the day. i tried to convince jay to sign up since another dad did, but he refused. oh well, his loss because mommy likey-ed. after wards, we walked around a bit more while sweet baby jem-jem was still in good spirits.later tony (sweet baby jem-jem's godfather) came up for a visit and even brought us some yummy lunch. she was so excited to see him and jay was excited to see some good healthy greek food. hehe. also, later that night lola and pawpaw came to visit sweet baby jem-jem as well while i had plans to take her big sisters to cheerleading practice. all in all, our chunky little monkey had a great second day of recovery. the next step includes an ultrasound being done in the morning to see if the ventricles in her brain have swollen any which would indicate if she needs another surgery for the permanent shunt to be placed in. here are some pics of jemma with some of her visitors. thank you guys for stopping by, we love ya'll!