Wednesday, September 14, 2011

post-surgery: day 3 in hospital

jem-jem had another great night and we are beyond thankful for that. upon waking up, we discovered that dr. oakes wanted to do a ct scan instead of an ultrasound. obviously, we were glad to hear this since the ct scan would provide a more clearer and detailed picture of her brain. after eating breakfast, we walked down to radiology with her in my arms. i absolutely love holding her now that she is big and strong enough for good head control. i laid her on the table as jay and i donned the lead aprons and stood over her as the machine rotated around her head. i am always amazed at how calm she is while this is going on. sweet girl.

the whole procedure took only a few minutes and soon we were all back in our room again feeding sweet baby jem-jem. she was so hungry and we found it hilarious to watch her hold her own bottle and then once she got to the tail end of it, she would drop her hands and suck the rest of it dry. it was the cutest thing i've ever seen. i like to call this caption, "look, hands!!"we anxiously waited around for a couple of hours for the doctors to come in and let us know the results from her ct scan. we hoped and prayed that her ventricles were doing fine since her head circumference was staying the same size since her surgery two days ago. time seemed to crawl, but clearly our sweet baby is worth the wait. a couple of hours later, dr. oakes arrived and let us know that her ct looked great and that she did not need a permanent shunt...say it with me, "HIP, HIP, HOORAY!!!!!" we were SOOO very excited and happy that our sweet baby girl has come this far and is healthy. discharge papers were signed, bags were packed, car was loaded down, and off to pick up her big sisters from their school's carpool line we went. abby and lyla were so excited to see her sitting in the middle of them once we arrived. we celebrated lunch at the fish market, and gosh darn, all five of us being together again felt fantabulous. who has two thumbs and was super excited over hearing the good news!?...THIS BABY!!!lastly, many thanks to everyone for all the help, support, well wishes, thoughts, and prayers while we waited it out during her surgery and recovery. we still can't believe how far our sweet little miracle baby has come and how happy she has made us. God is oh so good as well as all the doctors, nurses, etc. at children's hospital. thank you, thank you!! XOXO