Friday, September 23, 2011

praying in pj's

abby's kindergarten class took part in a day of "praying in pj's." each classmate wore his/her pajamas to school as he/she began a fun-filled religious day. the day began with father jaya blessing them and their rosary beads. then they all partook in a religious craft and visited the adoration chapel. they ate cross-shaped cookies, and father adams surprised them by being the mystery reader and read them a story about prayer. later, they had rosary in the prayer garden, silent meditation at rest time, and a prayer service with their parents as mrs. larussa talked to all of us and read a bedtime story as abby sat in our laps. we were so glad to be able to end her fun-filled day together. she was so excited to see us and was acting a silly foo'...not sure if you can obviously tell by the pics, but here they are...the above two pictures are of abby with her two "very best friends" right now (brooke and isabelle). they all share the same table and i can only imagine how much they love talking and being silly with each other. below are pictures of abby with her teachers, mrs. philbin and mrs. lawrence. she absolutely loves them as well...mommy too. and lastly, abby proudly displayed her holy water container that she made that day at school. it is now located in a special place within our home where abby likes to "bless" us and nearly every stuffed animal she can find. she says she is pretending she is in atrium class and says her own little prayer. have i mentioned how much i love her school? even mrs. larussa said, "they are all good and holy now...for a long time." love it. LOVE.