Thursday, September 1, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Absolutely in love with Hubs' new office location. So close to girls' school & two minutes away from #PaneraBread, #FrioEnLaPaz, and Zoes...Shibbee!!!

2.) After a super busy weekend, my munchkins definitely felt the painful wrath that is Monday morning. #ManicMonday #WishItWereSunday

3.) The missing link between humans and apes has been discovered, and its name is Ronnie from Jersey Shore. #SGP

4.) RT @anjeanettec: I don't know who this Hurricane Irene is, but she has one amazing publicist.

5.) You never realize how special a quiet lunch date is until you have kids. Then they're like golden nuggets of joy. #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

6.) The more I see other people's faults; the more I want to fix my own. #Pinterest

7.) Nothing melts my heart faster than hearing Abby tell me, "I love you infinity times infinity" followed by sweet kisses all over my face. #AffectionateLittleOne

8.) It would make my life so much easier if my phone had a sarcasm font. #SGP

9.) Absolutely blows my mind that while my baby was on ECMO, I only knew of one friend who shared the experience. Now I have two #PrayersForLevi

10.) While in the carpool line, Abby walks up to the car, climbs in, fastens her safety belt, & then proudly announces, "So I broke my ankle today at recess." My response: "Oh, really? It looks fine now." #LoveMyMabster

11.) Then I was told by my child that one of the Atrium helpers at school told her that she played soccer with me in high school & that she has a little girl named Abby too. #KillingMeThatIHaveNoIdeaWhoItIs #SmallCatholicWorldInTheBibleBelt

12.) Wednesday nights, had me a blast...despite horrendous traffic to Trussville. Zumba & healthy salad for dinner with my mom, dad, & sisters. #GoodTimes

13.) RT @capricecrane: I hope someone will document at least one girl's evolution from "Toddlers & Tiaras" to "Teen Mom" to "Intervention" to "Hoarders."

14.) Sweet baby Jem-Jem loves to blow raspberries now and curve her lips into an "O" shape while making the cutest noises ever. #LoveThatSweetBaby

15.) Day 2 of Lyla in 3K and she absolutely loves it. Today she was the "I am Special" person with her poster hanging on the door for everyone to see. #JobWellDone

16.) Cracks up when baby Jem-Jem gets upset & Abby comes running to baby talk her & then tells me matter-of-factly "She just wants me every time."

17.) Dear weather, now that September is here please get fall-ish ASAP. Sincerely, me. #SGP

18.) If this pre-nasal drip is any indication of an upcoming cold, Momma's gonna be none too happy. #DontHaveTimeToGetSick

19.) Super excited about save, save, SAVING for a new home closer to kidlets' school & Hub's new office. Spending all day driving is overrated. #BooOnTheCommute #HoorayForFeelingOfCommunity

20.) Quote of the day by my eldest daughter: "I talked so much today that I think there's a blister on my tongue." Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

21.) RT @badbanana: Guys with ironic mustaches, your request for attention has been denied. You are free to apply again in 90 days.

22.) Hubs & guys are partaking in Fantasy Football & poker in man cave while I took all 3 girls to cheerleading practice, out for ice cream, & home for baths. #NightyNight

23.) Nothing beats a refreshing cold shower & washing off a body that was saturated in bug spray & sweat after power walking with a double stroller uphill.

24.) Left foot was attacked by an army of ants tonight while at ball park. I don't think I've ever mumbled so many profanities under my breath. #&%^$)@*

25.) Desperately needs to learn how to become a wee bit less active because pushing out 14 blog posts within one week is just reedonkulous. #LoveHateRelationship #NeedAnIntervention