Saturday, September 10, 2011

toga, toga, toga!!

saturday night, we dropped the kiddos off at lola and pawpaw's house and enjoyed a mommy/daddy night out in honor of brenda's 40th birthday party. if you know brenda, you know that there is always a themed involved when she parties. for this event, she chose a "TOGA" party. she told us to spruce it up a bit to fit our personalities if we wanted to so that's exactly what we did. plus, it was after labor day and we all know it's a fashion faux pas to wear white. ha!

anywho, i went to my local hobby lobby store and picked out my favorite fabric. as for jay, he was fine with wearing an old bedsheet that we bought many years ago...i called him "the god of the night" although looking at him just made me sleepy. lastly, it was a great time and very much needed to get out for a bit for some adult entertainment. thanks for having us and happy 40th birthday, brenda!!