Saturday, September 17, 2011

UAB's 1st home game

saturday after the earlier football game that morning, we went home and changed the girls' cheerleading outfits into UAB ones in preparation of their first home game versus tulane. kickoff started at 3:00pm, however we all got there around noon for some awesome tailgate festivities. oh, how we love to tailgate! our bestest of best friends were there and everyone brought their munchkins along for some fun too. check out the kids' pen that the haswells put together...absolutely brilliant and they loved it. here are some pics...shortly after arriving, saying hello to friends, and grabbing our favorite tailgate beverage, we decided to appease our children's pleas to go have fun at blazer village. we all walked over and discovered that this year they have a choo-choo train that drives you around outside the stadium. it was awesome and definitely a great addition. then the kids wanted to climb up and slide down the huge inflatables and jump around in the bounce houses. here are some pics...meanwhile back at the tailgate, we munched on a variety of different food. while the kids were playing on the corn hole sets, abby and brooke spotted the UAB blazerettes. without hesitation, they ran up to them, introduced themselves and asked for a picture...of course, jay was the first person on the scene with his phone out, ready to take said pic. i don't know who was more or my kids. i knew how happy "the big girls" were making them feel. then each one of the blazerettes grabbed abby, lyla, and brooke's hand as they led them towards the pep rally where they all danced, cheered, listened to the band play music, and took another picture with blaze. our kids were in heaven. the most heavenly of all we didn't have actual plans to enter the game. we love our blazers dearly, but watching them play football is just painfully heartbreaking...we hardly ever come out with a "W." tailgating is what we do best, people!! that said, our offspring had different wishes. they cried, and begged, and pleaded...they wanted to go inside since the cheerleaders told them, "we'll see you inside and maybe you can come down and cheer with us." abby was so determined to see them inside. so of course...we went inside. our blazers played horribly, but we didn't care. watching our kids share a bag of cotton candy while screaming their new found cheers was worth witnessing every bad play. and to top it off, as we were walking out, the blazerettes gave our kids each a poster of them to take home. here are some pics...overall, it was an awesome exhausting day. definitely one for the books. because hearing my five year old say, "today was the very best day ever," followed by her BFF saying, "yeah, like it was our birthday" sends my heart into a flutter. that's what game day is all about, people. gooo blazers!!