Monday, October 31, 2011

trick-or-treat 2011

monday night was officially halloween in which all the children went trick-or-treating. this year since the fun holiday fell on a school night, we decided to just stay close to home and celebrate with our wonderful neighbors. every year, the underwoods host a huge neighborhood block party/get-together where they turn their garage/driveway/front yard into a festive fun area for everyone.

so we started off the night letting the girls hand out candy to their fellow trick-or-treaters as they all walked up to our door. one of their most favorite playmates (lexi) came over to make sure that her friends were going to come have some fun with her. we finally get the last details together, load up the wagon, and start our spooky adventure around the block...abby and lylie wanted to start trick-or-treating at our next door neighbors' (kevin and lisa's) house. they always have the best decorations and the best candy. seriously. mr. kevin even dressed up like a super scary zombie and the girls loved it. they ended up hitting every single house with lights on in our entire neighborhood. they were having a blast and never forgot to say, "thank you." here are some pics...once the girls were done trick-or-treating, we all walked back to where the party was. everyone brought a dish to share and the spread was amazing. the football game was playing on the projector screen as the munchkins were roasting marshmallows in the nearby fire pit. we all sat down to eat and later mingled around to talk to all of neighbors while the kiddos enjoyed running around and playing. here are some pics...lastly towards the end of the night, all of children jumped into the back of a truck for a casual hay ride around the neighborhood. abby and lylie did this repeatedly. sweet maeghan made sure that lylie was safe as she put her arm around her, and cody sat beside abby to make sure that she would be okay too. currently abby claims cody to be her boyfriend. yesterday it was zack, but tonight it was cody. of course i'm sure the guys have no clue of this, but it's pretty funny to hear her say it. either way, they are both awesome kids who definitely help take care of our younger girls and we truly appreciate it. after lylie fell asleep on the last hay ride, we knew it was time to walk back home. overall, it was a great happy halloween night!

abby's halloween party

monday, abby celebrated with her classmates at their halloween party around 1:00pm. i came to help volunteer with a few other moms as we helped the kids with their craft and handed out bags full of goodies. the craft was simple and fun. each student made a magnetic picture frame out of foam stickers and they all turned out really cute. watching abby in her element having fun was what i loved the most.also, mrs. philbin gladly took baby jem-jem off my hands so that i could help out with others. it really worked out perfectly because mrs. P told me that she was in heaven holding such a sweet baby since hers are all grown up now. i quickly reminded her that in a few more years, she will be teaching that one too. i just absolutely adore her teachers. all in all, the kiddos made their halloween crafts, ate some of their goodies, and were later dismissed home. it was a great start to a super fun halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

our sweet pumpkin

Saturday, October 29, 2011

mag's music madness halloween party

saturday night, everyone lined up the babysitters for a grown up, kidless, halloween party. mag was the hostess and like every good party, she chose a theme in which we revolved our costumes around. since this little lady loves music so much, we were encouraged to "dress like a famous musician from any era and come rock the night away!" that we did. it was great.

jay and i decided to dress up as casual dolly parton and kenny rogers. as much as i thought wearing a skin tight sequins dress would have made the perfect dolly, i wanted to be comfortable. the whole get up was quite easy when you have huge breasts and a bouffant blonde wig. if that doesn't scream dolly, not sure what will. i also brought one of her "imagination library" books just to seal the deal if there was any confusion as to who i was. unfortunately, i forgot to have my picture taken with it. jay matched me as kenny rogers and wore a pair of his dad's old snake-skinned cowboy boots. we sang a duet of "islands in the stream" all night. again, it was hilariously awesome.with each costume that walked through the door, the excitement became palpable. stacy and mitchelle dressed up as sandy and danny from grease, karla and tre were pregnant beyonce and jay-z, others were ike and tina turner, johnny and june cash, cyndi lauper, bjork, madonna, and my personal favorite justin timberlake and pal from SNL's old skit, "d!ck in a box." everyone looked amazingly awesome. here are some pics...jay and i had the best time. mag provided the food which was delicious and everyone brought their own beverage of choice. we watched the auburn game and then a couple of hours later, we were all dancing in the kitchen. by the end of the night, we all stood around the fire pit outside just laughing and chatting it up. i have to admit, after pretending to be dolly for a night, it's been confirmed...big breasted blondes really do have more fun. :P thank you for having us, mag, it was definitely a blast!!

soccer shenanigans

saturday morning at 8:30, lyla and cousin carson had another soccer game bright and early. it was a cold morning so all the kids were nicely bundled up with jackets and the such. lyla wore her panda hat and she looked so cute in black and white colors from head to toe. also, tita karmie came to watch the munchkins play and lylie (her new nickname thanks to said tita karmie) was so excited to see her.

furthermore during the last practice, it was made known that their team name is "white lightening" due to their team color. soon the whistle blew, and the kickoff and soccer mayhem began. here are some pics...our team "white lightening" was doing great and scoring some goals as well as the other team. lylie ran around with her teammates, took off her panda hat and gave it to her tita karmie, and then listened as she was coached from the sidelines. later, she wanted to hold cousin carson's hand and encouraged him to play as well after the team huddle with a quick cheer that ended time out. here are some pics...everyone played a great game and soon it was time for all the soccer players to run through the victory tunnel. lylie was the first to go and seeing her face so excited was the sweetest thing ever. great game, kids!

Friday, October 28, 2011

sisterly love

Thursday, October 27, 2011

lyla's halloween party

thursday at 11:00 in the morning, we headed over to lyla's classroom where her halloween party took place. earlier that morning, they toured the school where the older classes had a chance to see them in their cute costumes and comment on how nice and sweet they all looked. later they had snacks and candy, and then once all the parents arrived, lyla and her classmates stood in front of the room with mrs. west where they sang halloween songs and recited some super cute poems. it was the cutest thing i've ever seen and i absolutely love how our lyla's face lit up when she saw me. here are some pics...once they were finished stealing our hearts with a cute little show, they were dismissed to go home. lyla excitedly ran to her baby sister and gave her a kiss. furthermore, i was able to get a sweet picture of lyla with mrs. west before heading out the door. all of the toddlers did great and it was fun watching little bit perform all of the songs that she has been singing for the past week. here are some pics...

thursday's thoughts

1.) Early dismissal today which means my kids are entertaining themselves by climbing on my shoulders & screaming, "You can't get me" to sister. #SerenityNow

2.) Signed up to bring orange-themed snack for preschooler's class this week. Bought carrots, cheese cubes, goldfish, oranges, & pumpkin cookies. #OrangeYouGladThatWasEasy

3.) Where did all this traffic come from? Does nobody work till 5:00pm on Fridays anymore? It's not even 2:00pm yet. #LetsGoPeople

4.) Worries of a SAHM #753: Forgetting or being super late picking up my midgets from the carpool line. It seriously could give me an ulcer.

5.) RT @capricecrane: Change is inevitable. Unless you need it to feed the parking meter. Then it's nowhere to be found.

6.) Hubs and I are desperately trying to bring sexy back by eating healthy and working out at the gym together. I have never eaten so many salads within one week and have had hardly any carbs. I think my body may go into shock any day now. #CarbsAreMyWeakness

7.) The big one just came to me to tattle because little sister was tattling too much on her. Then I pointed that fact out and she ran away crying. #IsntItIronicDontchaThink

8.) Lyla likes to put baby Jem-Jem's things inside the little squares of our wine rack because she says it's her cubby. Like at school. #LoveIt #MakesSenseToMe

9.) Q: What is love? A: Love is when Hubs gives you his earphones at gym because you forgot yours & don't wish to die of boredom while running.

10.) Caught big sisters letting their baby sister chew on their toes. Words cannot express how much this annoyed Mommy. #DisgustinglyDisturbing

11.) Internet has been spotty for the last couple of days. Nothing good can come of this. #CharterDontFailMeNow

12.) Told my tallest one that I had to finish laundry once we got home at which she quickly responded back with, "No, you have to play with me. I am a child of God." Well then.

13.) What looks good to you is rarely what's good for you. #SGP

14.) Caught the 3 year old with the bottle of #Flintstones vitamins & about five of them in her mouth. Jokingly serious, should I call poison control? #Ack

15.) There's always that one toy in your house that randomly goes off, buzzing with music at most inopportune time...thus scaring the sh!t outta you. #HappyHalloween

16.) Is fairly certain that Mexican food is the most guaranteed meal that my "some times picky" kiddos love to eat. #RiceAndBeansFTW

17.) "Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

18.) Is it just me or has this week not flown by with a quickness? Can I get a witness? Amen. #ReadyForTheFreakinWeekend

19.) So my fortune cookie at dinner tonight had absolutely no fortune. What does that mean!? #MommyWantsAnotherCookie

20.) Fact: Halloween Express store > Halloween Spirit store.

21.) So we met with Abby's teacher (Mrs. Philbin) this week since it's time for the Parent/Teacher Conferences at her school. Her teacher reported that she knows all her prayers, that she is reading using her "trackers" (fingers to point at each word) beautifully and very carefully, that her math skills of sorting and classifying are moving along, and that she tends to be "shy and tender." Also, she told us that Abby and Mrs. Lawrence (teacher's assistant) like to call each other, "Doctor Douglas" and "Doctor Lawrence" because Abby always goes to her if she needs a bandaid or ice for some sort of ailment and like to help each other. We thought this was pretty funny because we know our Abby and she can milk a situation if need be. Lol. We're so proud of you, sweet girl. Love you forever.

22.) Sweet baby Jem-Jem had her Newborn Follow-Up Clinic last week. She is progressing right on track, however the audiologist did notice a bit of hearing loss. She noted that there was some fluid in her ears due to some congestion from a mild cold so we go back in about a week for another hearing test to rule out the loss once the congestion clears up or to determine if it's something more serious. Fyi: It's highly common for babies who were on ECMO to have had some hearing loss and is correctable with surgery. Will keep you posted on this outcome, but prayers are always welcomed.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


wednesday night after lyla's soccer practice, i met up with a few of my favorite OLS moms for our monthly meeting over dinner and drinks at our favorite little place, pinches tacos in homewood. we quickly claimed the high top round table that we oh-so love since it makes it easy for all of us to talk and hear each other. so we arrive and order some yummy blood orange margaritas before sitting down to eat some food. everyone was there except for dawn because she was celebrating her wedding anniversary with the hubs. we missed her, but she was definitely there in spirit.

also, i wanted to invite isabelle's mom (jenn) since our girls are all becoming so close with each other...i thought it was time to interview her mother. hehe. kidding. although, i'm sure she thought i was considering i asked questions like, "do you prefer to be called jennifer or jenn?" old are you?"..."what do you do?"...then stacy jokingly asked next, "what's your social security number?" followed by me asking, "height and weight?" it was hilarious and jenn was such a good sport about it. did i mention i have had a small girl crush on her for awhile so after a night of margaritas and fierce interrogation, she passed with flying colors. hooray!! here are some pictures of us just being silly. this was about an hour into we were all kinda bummed considering i was receiving texts from shannon that her hubs was inundated with his patients and wouldn't be able to make it home in time for her to meet up with us. we all knew that if anybody needed a moms night out, it was this lady. about 30 minutes pass by, and guess who whizzes through the door like a ball of energy? it was shannon. we were stoked and squealed with delight. the funniest thing though was that earlier that night we joked about how they serve their wine in a dixie we were at a taco hut or something. i'll be honest, i'm not afraid to redneck it up every now and then, but when shannon quickly pulled out her very own wine glass out of her purse, our whole table nearly lost it. i have never laughed so hard. then she proceeded to pour her pino grigio out of the dixie cup and into her wine glass. shannon is one awesome classy lady, i tell ya. here's a picture that explains that story...we talked, we laughed, picked a date for kathryn's annual christmas party, talked and laughed some more. i'm really beginning to adore these ladies. if anyone switches schools, i'm gonna get upset. lol. anywho, here's a group picture of all of us minus dawn (again, a silly "before" pic because clearly we weren't ready and a serious "after" pic)...sadly, it was getting late and time to go home. we closed out our tabs and finished paying thanks to our groupon coupons that helped save us $10. score. kathryn grabbed my camera one last time and took a picture of us infront of our lovely high top round table and then another one of stacy and i outside in front of the pinches tacos sign...because yeah, we're a bunch of dorks. can't wait till next time!