Saturday, October 1, 2011

abby's cheerleading

after lyla's soccer game, we drove over to morris for abby's cheerleading in which they cheered on their fellow rockets during the football game. kickoff was at 2:30pm and the weather felt amazing. in a mad rush to get back out the door, jay helped abby get ready by putting on her uniform while i got lyla and baby jem-jem together...that said, if you notice in the first pic, abby had her cheerleading skirt on backwards. i finally noticed it once she was out on the sidelines and told her to twist it around and fix it. apparently, her and her friends thought it was hysterical. here are some our homecoming game is within the next two weeks and each cheerleader is suppose to make a poster for a football player while the football player gives them a gift and they escort each other down the middle of the field during half-time at the game while their names are announced. abby's player is #40 who is the son of one of jay's old fraternity brothers (small world, eh?) what some of the moms did where hunt down our kid's assigned football player and take a picture of him in his uniform to add to the posters that we were planning on making for them later that night. here are some pics..