Monday, October 31, 2011

abby's halloween party

monday, abby celebrated with her classmates at their halloween party around 1:00pm. i came to help volunteer with a few other moms as we helped the kids with their craft and handed out bags full of goodies. the craft was simple and fun. each student made a magnetic picture frame out of foam stickers and they all turned out really cute. watching abby in her element having fun was what i loved the most.also, mrs. philbin gladly took baby jem-jem off my hands so that i could help out with others. it really worked out perfectly because mrs. P told me that she was in heaven holding such a sweet baby since hers are all grown up now. i quickly reminded her that in a few more years, she will be teaching that one too. i just absolutely adore her teachers. all in all, the kiddos made their halloween crafts, ate some of their goodies, and were later dismissed home. it was a great start to a super fun halloween!