Thursday, October 20, 2011

boosterthon fun run 2011

thursday morning, i drove down to abby and lyla's school where both of their classes were participating in the boosterthon fun run in the parking lot. i was so happy knowing that the wee-k and kindergarten classes would be together, therefore abby and lyla got to experience the fun side by side. and that they did. at one point, they were both holding each other's hands as they ran. it was the sweetest thing watching the two of them together, running laps to fun music and being so pumped up. lyla's teacher told me that she was more into it than most of the bigger kids. i completely agreed and thought to myself, "so glad i was there to see it too." this is why my job of involvement in their lives is worth every paycheck of hugs and kisses. i wouldn't trade it for the world. here are some pics...