Tuesday, October 11, 2011

boosterthon fun run

today i went down to abby's school to help cheer them on during their boosterthon fun run pep rally that was held inside the gym considering it was a wet and cold rainy day. some other parents and i stood along the wall as grades K-5 sat on the bleachers during the assembly. this was my first experience as far as attending the pep rally. it was hilariously loud. the guys definitely got all the kids super pumped up by screaming as loud as they could. thankfully, the PE teachers (that i love oh-so much) took baby jem-jem in the lobby with them as they watched her while i "got to be a mom." it was soo loud, i'm sure she would have freaked out.overall, it was a fun little event that nearly made my ears bleed. a friend of mine compared it to when oprah gives away things on her show, but instead of getting a car the kids get a boosterband bracelet. the exact same excitement is shared. her comment was so spot on. abby sat beside her great friends, brooke and isabelle, and i really enjoyed watching them make a lot of noise. can't wait for the fun run!