Saturday, October 1, 2011

cheer playdate

saturday after abby's cheerleading that was after lyla's soccer game (told you it was a long, yet fun day), a fellow cheerleader mom invited us over to her home so that our girls could have a fun playdate while we all made our posters for our assigned football player for the homecoming game. although i have no idea what to do with this kind of stuff, freedom who has an older daughter on the high school squad does. thank goodness because this momma is clueless.

we all arrive at her beautiful home and let the girls play. being that they were still in their uniforms, we decided to let them ham it up a bit and take some really cute pics. surprisingly, this was not my idea, but carrie's (my fellow mommarazzi) was so much fun, and the pics came out so ridiculously cute. here are a few of abby, brooke, reagan, bailey, and sam...then we asked freedom's hubs (who was also another fellow fraternity brother of jay's...i know. small, small world) to take a quick group picture of the girls with their mommies. it was one big estrogen pic filled with lots of giggles. first up, a serious pose followed by a "crazy shot"...after wards, we ate pizza and some snacks and sipped on margaritas as we watched a bit of football and chatted about this, that, and the other. soon it was determined that we needed to head downstairs and get to work before everyone is passed out on the couch watching the game. so we head downstairs and freedom has a huge long banner laid out on the floor in which our girls were allowed to paint and draw on in which the football players will run through during the beginning of the game.

as for the moms, we started on the posters. i think between all of us, we cleared out every scrapbook aisle of football themed embellishments that were available in our small town. i have to say, that they all turned out pretty darn good. abby's poster is shown below and we plan on printing out the picture of her football player that was taken earlier that day and gluing it on the poster right dab in the middle. i tried to keep it simple before applying too much flair and over-doing it. sips-n-strokes has taught me to avoid that horrible trait i sometimes posses. all in all, it was an awesomely fun playdate where everybody had a blast. here are some pics...