Saturday, October 22, 2011

date night at the drive in

saturday night, jay and i dropped the girls off at lola and pawpaw's house (thank you, thank you!!) while jay and i enjoyed the most wonderful date night ever. we had no idea what we were going to do, but knew we wanted to do something "chill." although all week, we were thinking we'd partake in the bar scene and listen to bret michaels at iron horse, we changed our minds and longed for something more relaxing. instead we headed over to harpersville to experience our first ever drive-in movie theater. they were playing "real steel" on one big screen and "the smurfs" on the other one. we chose to see the former since we were kidless and wanted to cuddle.

basically, we were camping in the back of big bertha with two old comforters and gazing up at the stars. it was beautiful. jay enjoyed the movie and i watched bits and pieces, here and there, but was distracted since i was in my happy place gazing up in the sky and thinking about life and how blessed we are. it was freezing and fun and i even saw a shooting star!! jay held me from behind and gave me kisses on the back of my sooo reminded me of when we were dating many moons ago and how that simply gesture use to always give me butterflies. and guess what? it still did. okay, so enough mushy mush...i'm kinda half asleep as i type up these posts.

anywho, it was definitely a date night that will go down in the books and will definitely have to be repeated...who knows, maybe we'll even bring the kiddos along next time because i know they would enjoy it too. here are just a couple of pics...jay may kill me if he sees that i posted the last one since his eyes are barely open. oh well. love you, sugarbritches! xoxo