Friday, October 21, 2011

dentici's baby shower

friday night, stacy watched the girls for us for a couple of hours (thank you, thank you!!) while we drove down to homewood in honor of anne charlotte's upcoming arrival some time in september. the haswell's hosted it at their house and of course every decoration was perfect to the T. all of their close college friends were there as we all had blast catching up and discussing new things. it was pretty funny in the fact that the girls were camped inside the nursery discussing everything from what bottles are best to pumping to pacifiers while the guys were on the front porch eating and having small talk about their tough mudder competition coming up in february. it was great.

also, everyone threw a dollar in as we guessed baby anne charlotte's weight and height and then proceeded to log it down on a piece of halloween scrapbook paper. i told everyone that i was going to take a picture of it for proper documentation. hey, that's what i'm here for. later, melissa opened up her presents as the shower started to wind down. all in all, it was a great night and we are so excited for the dentici family. can't wait to meet that sweet baby girl!(disclaimer: please note that all of our guesses were on the lighter side considering the doctors plan to take her earlier (around 36-37 weeks) due to complications with the last pregnancy. please pray for this family for a safe and healthy pregnancy and recovery considering they are the ones who had to bury their first son "fourth" this same time last year.)