Saturday, October 15, 2011

game day saturday

after lyla's soccer game and abby's cheerleading, the mitchelles invited us over for an all day lounging around in honor of game day saturday. we let the munchkins play both inside and out while we watched as much football as our brains could contain. jay made his yummy cheese and sausage dip while the famous mitch-chili was simmering in the crock pot. the girls ended up painting their own nails and sweet little lyla put on about 5 coats of polish per finger and toenail. she was in heaven and definitely did not want to be disturbed. sweet baby jem-jem was easy going all day and just relaxed on her momma as i relaxed on the couch. it was definitely the perfect slow lazy afternoon/night after one busy morning. thank you for having us, you guys are awesome. here are some pics...