Saturday, October 15, 2011

g'dale's homecoming

saturday morning, abby and i headed to our local football field at 8:00am where she got ready to cheer on the rockets at our homecoming game versus pinson. we walked up and noticed the poster that i made for abby's assigned football player hanging on the fence. of course i had to snag a quick pic of her standing beside it since i decided to add two pictures and the gardendale "G" in the middle. later the time came for the boys to run out of the tunnel while the girls cheered them on. they set off fireworks during this event and it really set the mood for the start of a great game. later, daddy and lyla arrived after her soccer game and we all sat down on the bleachers together along with our besties. here are some pics...soon it was time for the halftime show where abby and her fellow cheerleaders performed their cheer/dance. they have been working so hard on learning this cheer over the last couple of weeks and executed it perfectly. we were really proud. many thanks to sierra for teaching them the new routine. abby thinks she is "the prettiest girl in the whole world" mommy took a pic of them two together. it was so sweet.the game ended and we walked away winners. after the football players wished each other a "good game," they rounded up the cheerleaders to be walked down the field with their assigned football player. all of the parents were super excited about this as we were all eager to sit on the field for a closer picture. abby was assigned an additional football player so two boys got to walk her down. earlier in the week she asked me if they were going to be handsome. i just laughed. so they handed her a flower and split ways on the field. soon it came time to announce the "princesses and queen" of homecoming which were drawn at random. it was really cute to watch them get excited as their names were called. here are some pics...once off the field, each kid was allowed to go with their parents towards where the cheerleading coaches were handing out a surprise monogrammed blanket with their names on it in the rockets' team colors. these were given to them by the football players whereas we gave them t-shirts. also, abby gave little sister lyla her flower and lyla was so happy to have it. last but not least, as we were all walking to our car we got pictures of abby, bailey, reagan, sam, and brooke together again. these girls just love playing with each do their mommies. go rockets!