Tuesday, October 25, 2011

halloween crafts

this week we've enjoyed participating in a couple of halloween crafts since the scary fun holiday is just around the corner. first off, thanks to pinterest and my friend (maloney), we made super cute, easy and fun "witches hats" out of cookies, hershey kisses, and orange icing. both abby and lyla had so much fun making these and i gotta admit, they did a wonderful job. here are some pics...next, i signed up to bring the craft for lyla's class in which they can enjoy putting together in honor of "orange week." i thought this would be an easy feat since it's so close to halloween and the holiday's favorite color is orange. i went to hobby lobby with no idea of what to do and then came out with this...it's a pumpkin mask that the munchkins can play with. i went ahead and cut out the mouth and stem from the construction paper so that they could easily glue them onto the orange paper plate. they turned out pretty darn cute and the whole process was easy peasy.

lastly, i decided that this year instead of gutting out the girls' little pumpkins and carving them, i'd find a box of different body parts where they can easily just stick them in the pumpkin and make their own unique jack-o-lantern without all the mess. of course i left the big pumpkin for daddy to gut out and carve within the next couple of days. overall, all of these super quick and easy crafts were so much fun, and abby and lyla loved every minute of playing with them. here are some pics...