Saturday, October 8, 2011

happy 6th birthday, brooke!!

saturday morning after abby's football game in which she cheers for (and yep, i forgot my camera so there were no pics taken. **GASP**), the girls and i headed over to our nearby skating rink for a birthday party in honor of brooke. jay was working this weekend so i had to jump back and forth on my own...which i knew i could do, but good lordy, was this momma exhausted by the end of the day.

so where was i? the skating birthday party started at 1:00pm where it was a "girls only" event with the exception of little brother CJ and cousin carson. it was fun to watch abby as she first started off skating around with her friend, isabelle. then once lyla had her skates on, big sister held her hand as they skated laps on the carpet that was around the rink. it was the sweetest thing watching them two together as i stood over baby jem-jem asleep in her carseat. soon a few of the moms were out and about as well. here are a few hour goes by and soon it is time to go inside the party room for birthday cake for the special girl. stacy and grandsie made some super cute birthday cupcakes inside an ice cream cone and they turned out great. we all sang "happy birthday" to brooke and watched as she blew out her candle. grandsie also made their cute party favors which were princess crowns with each girl's initial on it...sooo cute. all in all, it was a great party. happy happy birthday, brooke!! xoxo