Sunday, October 2, 2011

jemma aubrey's baptism

sunday marked the beautiful day in which our sweet baby jem-jem received her first sacrament of baptism into the catholic church. the service started at 2:00pm at Our Lady Of Sorrows and our immediate family and close friends were there to join in celebration of her special day. father jaya was the priest who performed the ceremony, and jemma's god parents are auntie jess and uncle tony. everything went smoothly and baby jem-jem was as sweet as sweet can be throughout the whole ritual. here are some pics...once the baptism was over, we were allowed to take family pictures in front of the church. if you know both sides of our families, this is our favorite part...many different combinations to our picture taking (for example: the collective group picture, jay's nana with all the grandkids, my side of the family with kids, jem-jem with each set of her grandparents, jay and nana, and lastly, our own douglas party of five family picture). here they are...once pictures were over with, we all loaded up and drove over to the nearby jackson's for a brunch type reception with both sides of our family. thankfully, we were seated in the top loft away from all other customers where the kids were contained and it felt more private. it definitely worked out better than i expected it to. thank you, sweet baby jesus. furthermore, my sisters and i took a quick pic and then karla maria showed me the gift she got for baby jem-jem. it was a super cute picture frame with a beautiful quote and picture as well as a piggy bank that looked like a medical professional. it was perfect and definitely suited jemma considering we've been saving like mad to finally pay off all of her crazy expensive medical bills...we're talking she is our "half a million dollar baby, jabbin' jemma." definitely worth every single red cent though, NO.DOUBT. all in all, it was a great day spent with family in honor of our sweet baby girl's baptism.