Saturday, October 1, 2011

lyla's 1st soccer game

saturday morning, lyla and cousin carson had their very first soccer game. things were a wee bit unorganized as the kiddos didn't have their colored uniforms in just yet and their original coach wasn't able to be there. so the email is sent out for our team to wear white and at their last practice, jay was asked to coach the team for their first game. of course, jaydoug was all over it and very much excited.

so we get there to find out that we are playing the red team...who is just as mismatched and nearly wearing every color in the rainbow as our own white team is. again, these are 3 and 4 year olds so color is kinda important right now as far as helping the kids figure things out. before the game started, both teams held hands at midfield and said a quick prayer. it was sweet. the munchkins were ready to play...i'll be honest, watching them play was hilariously cute. coach jaydoug made sure to point out which goal our team wanted to kick the ball into with each blow of the whistle. and each time about 3 out of the 4 kids listened. that man has patience like on a monument. both lyla and cousin carson weren't very interested about playing just yet until their lola said, "if ya'll don't play soccer, i won't take you to another auburn football game"...and just like that, our little lyla went running out into the field. she even got to kick-off at one point to start the second half. we were so they don't keep score at these YMCA games because obviously, they are just for enjoyment for the kids. not gonna lie, it's a good thing we didn't considering our team consists of a bunch of first time 3 y/o's where clearly the red team is older and experienced. we started off strong, but soon it was the opposing team with a goal after goal after goal. don't get me wrong, our team played great and it was so much fun watching them, especially our little lyla run after the ball, get distracted, come back to the sideline, and then back after ball. coach jaydoug gave them a pep talk at half time and told his team that they were doing great and "isn't this fun?" proceeded by a team cheer with hands thrown in the air. awesome. completely and utterly awesome. here are some pics...after the game was over, we scooped up lyla and told her how proud we were of her. lola was there to give hugs and kisses to both lyla and carson, and it was the perfect start to a fun-filled day. great job, lyla! we love you. xoxo