Saturday, October 29, 2011

mag's music madness halloween party

saturday night, everyone lined up the babysitters for a grown up, kidless, halloween party. mag was the hostess and like every good party, she chose a theme in which we revolved our costumes around. since this little lady loves music so much, we were encouraged to "dress like a famous musician from any era and come rock the night away!" that we did. it was great.

jay and i decided to dress up as casual dolly parton and kenny rogers. as much as i thought wearing a skin tight sequins dress would have made the perfect dolly, i wanted to be comfortable. the whole get up was quite easy when you have huge breasts and a bouffant blonde wig. if that doesn't scream dolly, not sure what will. i also brought one of her "imagination library" books just to seal the deal if there was any confusion as to who i was. unfortunately, i forgot to have my picture taken with it. jay matched me as kenny rogers and wore a pair of his dad's old snake-skinned cowboy boots. we sang a duet of "islands in the stream" all night. again, it was hilariously awesome.with each costume that walked through the door, the excitement became palpable. stacy and mitchelle dressed up as sandy and danny from grease, karla and tre were pregnant beyonce and jay-z, others were ike and tina turner, johnny and june cash, cyndi lauper, bjork, madonna, and my personal favorite justin timberlake and pal from SNL's old skit, "d!ck in a box." everyone looked amazingly awesome. here are some pics...jay and i had the best time. mag provided the food which was delicious and everyone brought their own beverage of choice. we watched the auburn game and then a couple of hours later, we were all dancing in the kitchen. by the end of the night, we all stood around the fire pit outside just laughing and chatting it up. i have to admit, after pretending to be dolly for a night, it's been confirmed...big breasted blondes really do have more fun. :P thank you for having us, mag, it was definitely a blast!!