Wednesday, October 26, 2011


wednesday night after lyla's soccer practice, i met up with a few of my favorite OLS moms for our monthly meeting over dinner and drinks at our favorite little place, pinches tacos in homewood. we quickly claimed the high top round table that we oh-so love since it makes it easy for all of us to talk and hear each other. so we arrive and order some yummy blood orange margaritas before sitting down to eat some food. everyone was there except for dawn because she was celebrating her wedding anniversary with the hubs. we missed her, but she was definitely there in spirit.

also, i wanted to invite isabelle's mom (jenn) since our girls are all becoming so close with each other...i thought it was time to interview her mother. hehe. kidding. although, i'm sure she thought i was considering i asked questions like, "do you prefer to be called jennifer or jenn?" old are you?"..."what do you do?"...then stacy jokingly asked next, "what's your social security number?" followed by me asking, "height and weight?" it was hilarious and jenn was such a good sport about it. did i mention i have had a small girl crush on her for awhile so after a night of margaritas and fierce interrogation, she passed with flying colors. hooray!! here are some pictures of us just being silly. this was about an hour into we were all kinda bummed considering i was receiving texts from shannon that her hubs was inundated with his patients and wouldn't be able to make it home in time for her to meet up with us. we all knew that if anybody needed a moms night out, it was this lady. about 30 minutes pass by, and guess who whizzes through the door like a ball of energy? it was shannon. we were stoked and squealed with delight. the funniest thing though was that earlier that night we joked about how they serve their wine in a dixie we were at a taco hut or something. i'll be honest, i'm not afraid to redneck it up every now and then, but when shannon quickly pulled out her very own wine glass out of her purse, our whole table nearly lost it. i have never laughed so hard. then she proceeded to pour her pino grigio out of the dixie cup and into her wine glass. shannon is one awesome classy lady, i tell ya. here's a picture that explains that story...we talked, we laughed, picked a date for kathryn's annual christmas party, talked and laughed some more. i'm really beginning to adore these ladies. if anyone switches schools, i'm gonna get upset. lol. anywho, here's a group picture of all of us minus dawn (again, a silly "before" pic because clearly we weren't ready and a serious "after" pic)...sadly, it was getting late and time to go home. we closed out our tabs and finished paying thanks to our groupon coupons that helped save us $10. score. kathryn grabbed my camera one last time and took a picture of us infront of our lovely high top round table and then another one of stacy and i outside in front of the pinches tacos sign...because yeah, we're a bunch of dorks. can't wait till next time!