Saturday, October 29, 2011

soccer shenanigans

saturday morning at 8:30, lyla and cousin carson had another soccer game bright and early. it was a cold morning so all the kids were nicely bundled up with jackets and the such. lyla wore her panda hat and she looked so cute in black and white colors from head to toe. also, tita karmie came to watch the munchkins play and lylie (her new nickname thanks to said tita karmie) was so excited to see her.

furthermore during the last practice, it was made known that their team name is "white lightening" due to their team color. soon the whistle blew, and the kickoff and soccer mayhem began. here are some pics...our team "white lightening" was doing great and scoring some goals as well as the other team. lylie ran around with her teammates, took off her panda hat and gave it to her tita karmie, and then listened as she was coached from the sidelines. later, she wanted to hold cousin carson's hand and encouraged him to play as well after the team huddle with a quick cheer that ended time out. here are some pics...everyone played a great game and soon it was time for all the soccer players to run through the victory tunnel. lylie was the first to go and seeing her face so excited was the sweetest thing ever. great game, kids!