Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the sweetest thing

we decided to have a trial run and dress the girls up in their halloween costumes. i'm so thankful that they are still young enough for me to help persuade them into a certain matching themed attire considering i found baby jem-jem's costume at the beach during the last day of our girls' trip. it was a strawberry and it was so ridiculously cute. since i knew both abby and lyla were in a huge "i love strawberry shortcake" phase, i knew i would revolve halloween around this one costume so that's exactly what happened. check out the picture if you will...abby is strawberry shortcake, lyla is lemon meringue, and baby jemma is a strawberry. how perfectly sweet. happy halloween!


The Badyrkas said...

oh my goodness... love their costumes and the witch hat cookies!! genius!