Thursday, October 20, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Secretly loves watching my kiddos from afar while waiting in the carpool line. #LikeAFlyOnTheWall

2.) My lack of tweeting makes me sad. Must fix this. El pronto. #BusyNotBoring

3.) Really wants to find one ginormous pumpkin so that I can stick my juicy baby inside it & take a picture. #BecauseItdBeSoRidiculouslyCute

4.) Tried to trim Abby's hair & ended up taking about 4-5 inches off instead because I couldn't get it all even. Of course she still looks cute & likes it, but this mommy is devastated. #IHaveHairAttachmentIssues

5.) Oct. 18th was a very sad sad day. Went to Baby Levi's funeral which coincidentally happened on the one year anniversary of the death of our friends' baby (fourth). RIPLeviAndFourth #PrayingForFamilies

6.) Procrastinated long enough & finally bought my girls' Halloween costumes which are centered around the baby's that I bought months ago while on our girls' beach trip... #WigsAreInvolved

7.) Who turned off the heat? #Brrrrrr

8.) RT @capricecrane: The next time someone doubts you, THANK them. "I'll show that SOB" is one of the strongest motivators out there.

9.) Kimtastic: 1 House: 0. In other news, the score of Kimtastic versus the mountain of laundry is still pending... #GameHasJustBegun

10.) Lady Gaga and TSwift are currently my tallest daughter's two favorite musicians. Talk about two different ends of the spectrum, like whoa.

11.) RT @UABathletics: Ty Long's 40-yard field goal in the final minute lifts UAB to a 26-24 victory over UCF. Jonathan Perry throws for 327 yards and two TDs. #OurFirstWin1-6 #GoBlazers

12.) Fall favorites: Three new sweater dresses. No more daily shaving of the legs. No more flip-flops. #ProProCon

13.) What I would do to hear some Mazzy Star "Fade into You" right about now... #PerfectCuddleWeatherWithMyJuicyBaby

14.) I can relate: No matter how old you are, how badass you think you are, if a toddler hands you their ringing toy phone, you answer it. #Fact #Pinterest

15.) RT @badbanana: What the Kenyans bring to marathons, I bring to the Monday afternoon sigh.

16.) Taking your bra off at the end of a super long day is quite possibly one of the best feelings ever. #Pinterest