Monday, October 31, 2011

trick-or-treat 2011

monday night was officially halloween in which all the children went trick-or-treating. this year since the fun holiday fell on a school night, we decided to just stay close to home and celebrate with our wonderful neighbors. every year, the underwoods host a huge neighborhood block party/get-together where they turn their garage/driveway/front yard into a festive fun area for everyone.

so we started off the night letting the girls hand out candy to their fellow trick-or-treaters as they all walked up to our door. one of their most favorite playmates (lexi) came over to make sure that her friends were going to come have some fun with her. we finally get the last details together, load up the wagon, and start our spooky adventure around the block...abby and lylie wanted to start trick-or-treating at our next door neighbors' (kevin and lisa's) house. they always have the best decorations and the best candy. seriously. mr. kevin even dressed up like a super scary zombie and the girls loved it. they ended up hitting every single house with lights on in our entire neighborhood. they were having a blast and never forgot to say, "thank you." here are some pics...once the girls were done trick-or-treating, we all walked back to where the party was. everyone brought a dish to share and the spread was amazing. the football game was playing on the projector screen as the munchkins were roasting marshmallows in the nearby fire pit. we all sat down to eat and later mingled around to talk to all of neighbors while the kiddos enjoyed running around and playing. here are some pics...lastly towards the end of the night, all of children jumped into the back of a truck for a casual hay ride around the neighborhood. abby and lylie did this repeatedly. sweet maeghan made sure that lylie was safe as she put her arm around her, and cody sat beside abby to make sure that she would be okay too. currently abby claims cody to be her boyfriend. yesterday it was zack, but tonight it was cody. of course i'm sure the guys have no clue of this, but it's pretty funny to hear her say it. either way, they are both awesome kids who definitely help take care of our younger girls and we truly appreciate it. after lylie fell asleep on the last hay ride, we knew it was time to walk back home. overall, it was a great happy halloween night!