Monday, November 14, 2011

best friends always

abby has made some great friends in her class this year, but one who really stands out at the moment is isabelle. she talks about her nonstop and always wants to draw a picture for her or write her a letter. isabelle also enjoys doing the same and even made a "best friends always" friendship bracelet for both abby and brooke along with a friendship ring with a silver charm bearing their initial. isabelle's mom told me that she had to make them "BFA" bracelets because there weren't enough Fs to make two "BFF" ones. how stinkin' cute is that?

little girls are so incredibly thoughtful and sweet. i want to record this stuff so that one day abby can look back and remember how close she was to a certain classmate. i know for a fact that my mom has kept all of my old letters/drawings/etc from when i was in school and looking back on it all still makes me very happy. what can i say? i am a huge "it's the little things" kinda gal and i hope i can raise three sweet girls who will appreciate it as much as i did, do, and will continue to. here are some pics...many thanks to jenn who took the last picture while eating lunch with the girls at school one day last week. those three are absolutely adorable!